It's All About The... TRACKING

Tracking is the ability our Dogs have to detect, recognise and follow a specific scent of ground disturbance.
Our Dogs are born with this super skill and would use it for survival long before being domesticated.

Humans have harnessed this for years and by applying this natural Dog behaviour to track, we now use our this for lots of operational purposes. 

  • Police for criminals & evidence
  • Military for opposition & threats
  • Some Countries use Tracking to locate poachers
  • Locating lost Animals, such as Family Dogs

When Tracking a Human, the Dogs are taught to follow a scent track - which is the disturbance in the ground left by the Humans footprints.
The Dogs are required to keep their noses down and follow the whole track - not just to get to the end - but to also 'indicate' on any evidence (articles) that may have been dropped by the criminal, and to let us know which route the criminal travelled

Did you know?
Humans have 5 million scent receptors, whilst our Dogs have 300 million!

Did you know?
Our Dogs primary sense to navigate the world is scent, whilst us Humans rely on our eyes!
If we saw as clearly as our Dogs can smell, then we would see crystal clearly for 3 whole miles!

Did you know?
Our Dogs have the scent ability to locate a single teaspoon worth of sugar in an TWO Olympic size swimming pools!

But what are the benefits of getting involved?

  • Scent Work calms our Dogs. The act of sniffing increases their 'feel good' hormones
  • Scent Work tires our Dogs both mentally & physically. Just 10 minutes worth of Scent Work is the equivalent to an whole 60 minute walk!
  • Scent Work is perfect for Dogs who need low impact physical exercise!
  • Scent Work deepens the bond you have with your Dog as you build the most incredible relationship with each other!