Welcome to Keighley Dog Training Club!

Whether you're looking for Puppy Training Classes, help with your Adolescent Hound, emotional support for more serious behavioural problems or simply fancy getting involved in some of our Dog Sports, you're in the right place!

family DOG Training for every family Dog!

Maybe you want to just dip your toe in & join us for a short time, or maybe you're looking to build the relationship of a lifetime with your Dog.
Either way, we have a lovely little training community waiting to welcome you in!

We're a friendly and supportive bunch, we hold no judgement and there is every chance that we've seen it all before
 - we promise!

There are absolutely no prerequisites to join us for any training!

Whether you wish to join a class, or whether you feel that private training would suit your needs better, simply press the 'Book with us' button & choose the option to suit you!

Every person & every Dog is welcome!

Why Choose Us?

With many years experience of working with a wide variety of both Dog training & behavioural issues, we are well established in the Keighley, West Yorkshire area, achieving the 'Three Best Rated' status for Dog Training in the Bradford district in 2022, 2023 & 2024

Utilising the most recent science based training & behavioural modification methods throughout our services, combined with compassionate & welfare based 'fear free' ethics, we excel in enabling you to have the most amazing relationship possible with your Dog.

We take our responsibility to you seriously and are constant students ourselves, always updating our knowledge & skills to ensure that we remain ahead of the game & to provide you with the most up-to-date help, advice & training possible.
We're not just Dog lovers who train Dogs as a hobby or as a second income.
We are qualified, certified, accredited and insured in the practice of Canine training & behaviour
We are held accountable for both our training methods & for the advice that we provide to you by the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter for your complete peace of mind.

We train for the behaviour that you want, using the compassion & trust that your Dog deserves

  • Held Accountable by the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter
  • Accredited by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers
  • Full Members of the Pet Professional Guild
  • Certified Family Dog Mediators

  • Approved Instructors of the Dog Training College
  • Mantrailing Global Instructors
  • Canine Hoopers World Instructors
  • Supporters of the International Companion Animal Network
  • Ambassadors of Canine Arthritis Management

  • Current Students of Canine Principles
  • Current Students of the School of Canine Science
  • Current Students of the International School of Canine Psychology & Behaviour

What Do We Offer?

It's All About The... DOG SPORTS!

Ready to try something a little different with your Dog?

We have a rapidly growing number of fun Dogs sports for you to get involved in!

  • Maybe you would like to teach your Dog to search for a missing person?
  • Or train them to track like the Police Dogs do?
  • Fancy seeing your Dog become a Scent Detective like the Sniffer Dogs on TV?
  • Our Agility based Canine Hoopers is a popular choice
  • As is our lovely GunDog Games group!
  • Ready to be wowed by your Dogs Herding abilities?

We have so many options for you to choose from, why not give them all a go?

It's All About The... PUPPIES!

Ready to give your Puppy the very best start in life?

Do you dream of having the most well behaved, happy Dog?
The perfect companion who will join you on lovely walks, at social gatherings & be loved by all?

A well behaved and happy Dog does not happen just by chance.
And it's not just about training.

Relationships, secure attachments and the emotional well-being of your Pup is actually much more important.

Getting this sensitive development period right, right from the start, is crucial


Our choice of Group Training Classes are many & varied!
We offer Puppy Beginners, Teen Terrors, Recall & Loose Lead along with so many more options!

All our classes are held outdoors on our own Secure Field, which means that we are able to welcome & accommodate Dogs who need space & who may not be able to attend an indoor training session.

Our Group Classes are pre-structured, so if you want to concentrate your training on something specific, it may be wise to book a Private Training Session instead


There are so very many reasons why you may prefer to book a Private Training Session with us!

  • Maybe you have a nervous Dog who doesn't enjoy sharing space with others?
  • Or a rowdy Dog who wouldn't be able to concentrate in a group
  • You may have something specific that you wish to concentrate on  which won't be covered in detail during a structured class
  • Never mind the Dog - maybe you just want a more personal touch!

Although specialising in calming crazy Canines, Dogs who have 'over the top' reactions towards people or other Dogs, Recall & Canine body language & communication, we can & do work with a whole host of other Doggy dilemmas

Fancy getting your hands on our ebook
'One Very Simple Exercise for your Puppy, Adolescent or Adult Dog with MULTIPLE Benefits'?

Ready to find out the most simple but highly effective game to play with your Puppy, Adolescent or Adult Dog which is practically guaranteed to have an instant impact on your lives together?

The most simple tricks and games tend to be the answer to so many different questions... 

Where Are We Based? 

Based in Keighley and serving the local area, including:
Oakworth, Haworth, Cross Roads, Oxenhope, Oldfield, Stanbury, Ingrow, Braithwaite, Laycock, Harden, Cullingworth, Bingley, Silsden, Wilsden, East Morton, Long Lee, Steeton, Sutton-in-Craven, Glusburn, Cross Hills, Denholme & surrounding 

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What Do Other People Say About Us?

Jo is fantastic. We did a number of 1 to 1 training sessions back in November/December 2020 and thanks to Jo's advice we have a much happier, more confident Dog!
We took part in a Mantrailing introduction, which I would highly recommend. Loads of fun and great for further building Archie's confidence.
Thanks for all your help Jo
I called Jo about the behaviour issues we were having with our rescue Puppy. From our first call together until our final session Jo was helpful, understanding and knowledgeable. I can't thank Jo enough for the patience and kindness she showed us in our situation, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needed help with their Dog. You can tell that she genuinely cares. Also, we took our Dog to the secure field several times which was perfect. It was so good to confidently let him off lead and have a play around. Thanks Jo!
We are having private training sessions with our rescue Dog which has some issues with other Dogs. Jo is really knowledgeable and we are learning how to train him using approaches that we would not have thought of on our own. He is coming on leaps and bounds and we will be booking further sessions to see how far we can go with him. We have also used the secure field so Alfie can have a run about and we can practise what we have learned. I can totally recommend It's All About The Dog

Telephone: 07539 323069

Email: info@itsallaboutthedog.co.uk