It's All About The... Herding Game!

Ahh, the Herding breed type Dogs...
The Robin to your Batman
The regulator of the living room, of the park and of the whole universe!
So keenly aware of the environment & so very attentive to your instructions and to your emotions...
These sensitive souls are definitely unique!

When you bring a working breed into your home, even if you give them the most FANTASTIC life - you can't help but wonder who they might have been if they had been given the chance to work for a living.
Would they be happier, calmer, more fulfilled if they were doing what they were born to do?
Would they even be any good at it?

You might have already started to look for such an opportunity - you may have even found one, but you know that it's never humane to throw an untrained Dog in with a flock of Sheep...

So, what now?
Where do you turn to get started?
How would you even go about it?

Well look no further!
We have just the game for you!

During our Herding Game set of classes, you'll learn all about your Herder - and why that endless ball throwing is absolutely no good for their mind, body or soul - even if they appear to love the game of fetch more than life itself!

You'll be coached on how to set up your own Herding Game, covering:

  • The Environment & Preparation
  • Handler Skills
  • Managing Responses
  • Creating Movement
  • Handling Stickiness
  • Introducing a Verbal Cue
  • Building Distance & Speed
  • Adding a Stop & a Direction Cue
  • Troubleshooting
  • Top Tips for Success

Classes run over four weeks, each class lasting approximately 45 minutes in duration
The price stated is the price for the entire course
* No Livestock is used in this training

Full Course Investment: £67.00