It's All About The... Teen Terrors!

Whether you've had your Pup since he was tiny, or whether you've rehomed him a little later in life, we have the training & support ready and waiting just for you!

Our Teen Terrors Group Classes are aimed at those slightly older Pups, whose ages range from 6 month right up to 2.5 years old!
These classes are suitable as a progression from our Puppy Beginners course of classes, or can be taken as a stand alone group of classes
There is absolutely no prerequisite to join!

Check out below to see some of the topics covered by this course!

Once enrolled, you'll get a FREE 30 minute Secure Field session for your own personal use as standard


We're all too familiar with the fact that relationships between Dogs & their Guardians become stretched & fractured at this tricky stage
It's no surprise that many of the Dogs who find themselves in Rescue facilities are of Adolescent age
Week One is all about repairing that potential rift & preparing for it if your Pup's not quite there yet.
Keeping that relationship intact is the key to keeping wayward Dogs in their forever homes


Adolescence is the stage between sexual & social maturity.
It's a critical stage where it's not unusual to see problem behaviours beginning to creep in.

Just like our Human Children at this stage, confidence is fragile & our Pups can become sensitive to things that never bothered them previously

Maintaining that confidence is essential if we want to create a well adjusted, resilient Adult Dog


This aspect is oh so easy to get very wrong!

As our Pups grow, it's very easy to think that they need more & more physical exercise.
The fact is, many people inadvertently build an athlete Dog who has endless stamina & who can just keep going & going & going...

If you want a calm & responsive Dog, both indoors & out, fizzy, high-energy exercise is not the answer!


It's no surprise to learn that our Adolescent Dog naturally lack focus!

Just like us Humans, they begin to seek more excitement at this age & they may take more risks in order to find it!
Breed specific behaviours begin to emerge & our Pups discover the delights of scent

Keeping their focus on us, or regaining it if we've lost it is a huge problem!
But don't worry - we've got your back!

Full Course Investment: £67