It's All About The... Scent Detection!

Are you ready to teach your Dog to indicate that they've found a particular scent?

This workshop & set of classes will help you to do just that!

You will be coached on how to train your very own Sniffer Dog!

  • Fabulous Mental Workout
  • Low Impact - on both their joints & yours!
  • Calming - the act of sniffing lowers the blood pressure!
  • All Breeds, Ages & Sizes of Dog can participate!
  • Build The Bond Of A Life Time!
  • Have A MUCH More Engaged Dog
  • Chill Out Your Crazy Canine!
  • Team Work - makes the dream work!

Scent detection is used all around the world, for both working & operational Dogs & as a fun Sport for pet Dogs!

Our AMAZING Dogs have been used to search for Bombs, Drugs, Firearms, Cash, Contraband, Missing People & Human Remains!
In more recent years, Dogs have even been trained for assistance purposes & have been used for a whole host of reasons, from sniffing out Cancer Cells right through to alerting their Guardians to impending epileptic fits or low blood sugar - just how cool is that!

By joining us for our Scent Detection training, we will give you, the Dog Guardian, the skills & knowledge to take part in scent training activities to build your own Sniffer Dog as a fun sport

Did You Know... Our Dogs Can Smell Half A Tea Spoon Of Sugar In An Olympic Size Swimming Pool!

We'll introduce a scent to your Dog & make that scent VERY rewarding when your Dog gets a whiff!
We'll then teach your Dog to detect that scent within different search areas, such as bags, pipes, chairs & even vehicles!
Once they LOVE the scent, we'll teach them how to let us know where that scent is coming from & how to indicate on the exact source!

These workshop & classes are suitable for EVERYONE!

Aimed at complete beginners to Scent Detection & open to every Dog, of every age & every breed, along their Human!
This is an activity that you can work on in the comfort of your own home!
Engaging in the activities provided within the workshop & classes will give your Dog such an amazing mental workout, by participating for just 10 minutes, it's the equivalent to an hours walk!

Dog with limited mobility? This is PERFECT!
Human with limited mobility? Equally as perfect!
Dog who loves sniffing? Embrace & harness that sniff!
Fizzy, busy or wired Dog? This is EXACTLY what you've been looking for!
Absolutely no prior knowledge needed - it's a win for every Dog
& every Human!