It's All About The... SCENT WORK

Let Them Sniff!

The simple act of allowing our Dogs to spend more time sniffing makes them more optimistic.
By allowing our Dogs more 'foraging' time, their welfare is greatly improved.

The act of sniffing for our Family Dogs is SUPER important and there are endless benefits!

  • Sniffing calms our Dogs by lowering their stress levels & increasing their 'feel good' hormones
  • Sniffing tires our Dogs both physically & mentally. 10 minutes of sniffing has the same effect on our Dogs as a whole 60 minutes of walking!
  • Our Dogs breathing rate at rest is around 15 breaths per minute. This increases to around 30 breaths per minute while walking, up to 60 while running and between a whopping 150-200 breaths per minute while sniffing! 
  • This is why Scent Work is so tiring for our Dogs!
  • Scent Work is perfect for those Dogs who have an illness or injury and who need low impact exercise. The act of sniffing will very quickly mentally & physically enrich your Dog!

Did You Know?

  • While us Humans have around 5 million scent receptors, our Dogs have up to 300 million scent receptors!
  • Our Dogs primary sense used to navigate the world is scent. For us Humans, our primary sense is sight. If we could see as clearly as our Dogs could smell, then we would be able to see crystal clearly for 3 whole miles!
  • With their super scent powers, our Dogs are able to pick up the aroma of a single teaspoon of sugar in an body of water the size of two full Olympic swimming pools!

What Scent Work Do We Offer?


Each person has a unique scent, made up of all the debris that falls off our body as we go about our every day life.
It may contain your skin cells, sweat, hormones & bacteria
As we move around, our scent billows from us & moves around in the air before settling & sticking in the environment.
We provide the Dogs with an article to sniff, which is contaminated with the scent of the person they are required to find. Our Dogs are then able to follow that scent to find the specific person to who that scent belongs.

This life saving skill is used by Search & Rescue teams, along with Police & Military forces across the world

However, Mantrailing isn't just used by professionals for operational purposes - it's also a fun activity for anyone who wants to spend quality time with their Dog while exercise their mind & tapping in to their natural instincts!

Mantrailing UK coaches Dog Guardians & their Dogs to learn this amazing game as a sport for fun!


Tracking is the ability our Dogs have to detect, recognise & follow a specific scent of ground disturbance.
Our Dogs are born with this skill & would use it for survival long before becoming domesticated. Humans have harnessed this for years & we now use tracking Dogs for lots of different operational purposes.

The Police use tracking to locate criminals & evidence
The Military use tracking to locate opposition & threats
Some Countries use it to track Poachers
We can even use tracking to locate lost Animals!

When tracking a Human, the Dogs are taught to follow track scent, which is the disturbance in the ground left by Human footprints.
We train the Dogs to keep their nose down & follow the whole track & not to simply rush to the end.
The Dogs are required to 'indicate' on any evidence (articles) dropped by the criminal & can even show us the exact route of travel the criminal took!

Scent Detection

Scent Detection is used all around the world, both for working & operational Dogs & as a fun sport for Family Dogs!

Our AMAZING Dogs have been used to search for Bombs, Drugs, Firearms, Cash, Contraband, Missing People & even Human Remains!
In more recent years, Dogs have also been trained for assistance purposes, from sniffing out Cancer cells right through to alerting their Guardians of an impending epileptic fit or of low blood sugar

By joining us for our Scent Detection training, we'll coach you & your Dog to become an expert Sniifer Dog team!

We'll introduce a scent to your Dog & make that scent VERY rewarding for them
We'll then teach your Dog to locate & indicate on the scent within different search areas, such as bags, pipes, chairs & even vehicles!

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