It's All About The... Canine Hoopers!

Canine Hoopers is an Agility type sport, which is low impact on your Dogs joints,
 but is massively high on the fun scale!

Your Dog will navigate a course of obstacles - mainly Hoops, but also Barrels and Tunnels - which test your teamwork while building your distance handling skills
(Don't worry - you'll be taught all the necessary skills!)

Because Canine Hoopers courses are flowing, with no sudden stops, sharp turns or jumps, this sport is suitable for the vast majority of Dogs!

We use baseless Hoops for our training, which vastly reduce the chance of your Dog slipping, tripping or over-stretching while running the course

Training takes place outdoors on our secure field between March - September

We offer Level One & Level Two Canine Hoopers courses, along with regular progression classes, fun competitions & even 'taster' sessions!

The fastest way to accelerate your training is by joining a course - starting at Level One - and building up your skills from there

Canine Hoopers Progression group classes run fortnightly on a Thursday evening and can be booked individually, meaning that you're not tied to a course and that you can simply book when you want!
Likewise, our 'taster' sessions are just single classes that you can book individually and are perfect for trying out this sport without committing to a course!

Ready to start your Canine Hoopers journey?

Simply follow the link below!