It's All About The... GunDog Games

Living with a GunDog Breed is never a dull or boring experience!
These outgoing, adventure seeking Dogs are by far the most popular breeds for our pet Dog choice!
Their enthusiastic, cooperative, active and doting nature makes them a joy to be around!
They are more than eager and willing to get involved in whatever the day might bring, and they can make the most attentive, trainable and responsive Doggy partners that you could ever wish for.

Whether you live with a Labrador, a Spaniel, a Retriever, a Pointer or any other GunDog breed - or mix of breeds -all their wonderful natural qualities can also prove to be rather a handful if their needs are not being met sufficiently.

Learning and using our GunDog games will harness your Dogs true potential by building their passion and drive for what they were bred to do!  

This isn't 'traditional' GunDog training!
Our training is all about having fun with your Dog. We don't use force or fear tactics, nor do we use aversive equipment or techniques.
We are not training Dogs to become operational or working GunDogs. This is a fun sport for family Dogs & their people.

Each course level consists of 4 separate classes

These courses aren't just limited to GunDogs - any breed type can take part - and the courses are open to any age of Dog, from Puppies right through to our glorious golden oldies!


This is the very starting point for the absolute beginners!

We'll be covering:

* The Importance of Desire
* Focus & Engagement
* Placement & Positioning
* Recall
* Loose Lead
* Introduction to Retrieve


As a natural follow on from our Level One Beginners Course, we'll be covering:

* Advancement of all Level One Activities
* Dummy Drop Cue
* Emergency Stops
* Directional Cues


A follow on from our level one & two courses, we'll be covering:

* Further advancement from the previous two courses
* Putting the Search on Cue
*Building Impulse Control
* Working two Dogs at once


Our final and most advance course, completion of levels one, two & three are a must before choosing level four

We'll be covering:

* Further advancement of all that has been covered in previous courses
* Retrieve to Hand
* Introducing a Scurry
* Fun Competitions!

Each course level is held over four separate classes, each approximately 45 minutes in duration
The price of the course is for each individual level - NOT for all four levels.

* We won't be firing Guns or hunting live game at any point during this training

Individual Level Course Price: £67.00