Reframing Reactivity

Shouty, growly or snappy Dog? This course is for you!

Course Summary

Fearful and over reactive behaviour will not go away on its own. Your Dog will not grow out of it and left untreated, both the frequency and intensity can - and often do - increase.

In Reframing Reactivity you will develop all the right skills to teach calm and to accommodate your Dogs reactivity!
You'll learn fun and easy practical ways to keep your Dogs focus when there are distractions, how to manage situations when things are less than ideal and how to bounce back when everything has gone belly up!

This is a self study option, which is perfect for those who require the knowledge, skills and strategies but would like to go it alone and 'do it themselves'
Each new section will be released in 14 day intervals, giving you the time to implement and practise before new content becomes available.

You will be made more than welcome to join our dedicated 'Feisty Fido' community group, where you can gain personal access to our qualified trainers, get support and ask questions, but do be aware, if we have not met you or your Dog first-hand, all advice and suggestions will be purely generalised.

If you feel that you require a more personal touch and would like help in putting this training in to practise, our 'Standard' or 'Accelerator' programmes may be more beneficial to you.
You can read about these programmes in more detail HERE

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