Canine Enrichment Challenge

A SEVEN day mini course packed full of ideas to entertain & mentally stimulate Fido!

Course Summary

 Join us for a completely FREE seven day Canine Enrichment Challenge!

During this course, we'll release one short new video each day, giving you a small enrichment activity to do with your Dog!

Anyone can join this challenge - there are absolutely no prerequisites and any Dog of any age will benefit!

This challenge and the activities within are particularly beneficial to those Dogs who are on limited or restricted exercise - whether that's through illness or injury, or whether it's down to some extreme weather conditions!

**Although the content of this course was originally designed for our Puppy class, we've condensed the lessons in to daily challenges rather the than weekly challenge they were first intended to be. With this in mind, the audio will state 'Puppy' and 'weekly' throughout

Course Curriculum


Course Pricing

  • Seven Day Canine Enrichment Challenge
  • Free

    Join us for our completely FREE seven day Canine Enrichment challenge! Each day, a new enrichment challenge will be released!